Should I get a lawyer for a minor car accident? Key reasons you might need one

Should I get a lawyer for a minor car accident

Minor troubles on the road happen every day, and some of them even turn into accidents. When this happens to you or your loved ones, the stress may prevent you from immediately assessing the scale of the incident, leading you to believe it was something insignificant. It is important to understand that you can never fully evaluate the potential consequences of even the most seemingly minor incident. If such an event occurs with you or your loved ones, and you find yourself wondering, “should I get a lawyer for a minor car accident?” – remember our recommendations from this article.

What is a minor car accident in the USA?

In the USA, a minor car accident is generally characterized by:

  1. Low-speed impact: These accidents typically occur at low speeds, often in situations like parking lots, stop signs, or during heavy traffic congestion where vehicles are moving slowly.
  2. Minimal vehicle damage: The damage to the vehicles involved is usually superficial and limited to minor dents, scratches, or slight bumper damage. The cars remain drivable, and the cost of repairs is relatively low.
  3. No serious injuries: In minor car accidents, there are usually no serious injuries to drivers or passengers. Any injuries that do occur are typically minor, such as small cuts, bruises, or mild whiplash.
  4. Short-term disruption: The impact on the daily lives of those involved is usually minimal, with quick repairs and little to no long-term consequences.

Fault or liability is often easier to determine in minor accidents, and the parties involved usually exchange insurance information and report the incident to their insurance companies. 

The aftermath of a minor accident is typically resolved quickly, with insurance companies handling the claims and paying for repairs without significant delays or disputes.

Despite their seemingly minor nature, it’s still essential to handle these accidents properly to ensure that all parties are protected and that any potential hidden damages or injuries are addressed.

While it’s always advisable to report any accident to the police, minor accidents may not always result in a formal police report, especially if there are no injuries and minimal damage.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for minor car accident? Reasons for working with a lawyer.

To understand how to answer the question “is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident” you need to determine if your situation meets the following criteria:

  1. Unable to determine fault on-site

 For instance, a car collision occurs in a parking lot and neither party admits fault. The accident may involve a third party or multiple disputing parties, requiring investigation to determine fault.

  1. Accident not caused by human fault

 Accidents can involve factors beyond driver responsibility, such as natural disasters, inadequate construction site cleanup, or municipal building accidents. Additionally, collisions with animals—domestic or wild—may occur. In such cases, especially without witnesses, an investigation is needed to establish causes and fault.

  1. Insurance issues among involved parties

One participant lacks insurance, or an insurance company undervalues compensation, disregarding certain types of damage. For example, a driver’s physical injury like a facial scratch may seem minor, but their livelihood involves appearances, necessitating a lawyer to demonstrate how this seemingly minor injury affects their earnings.

  1. Complexity in assessing physical injury severity

For instance, the victim shows no visible injuries but suffered head trauma or injuries to vital organs. Extensive medical evaluation is needed to assess future implications.

  1. Difficulty in assessing vehicle damage

For example, the vehicle shows no visible scratches but fails to start. A specialist examination is required to determine the extent of damage.

  1. Lack of witnesses

If there are no witnesses or video recordings of the accident involving you and another party, it’s challenging to independently assess fault for both sides. Depending on the honesty of the other party is not advisable; instead, an investigation should be conducted.

  1. Accident occurs in another state

For instance, during a country-wide journey, the accident happens in another state where you are unfamiliar with local laws. To avoid complications, it’s advisable to seek a lawyer’s services to navigate the correct legal procedures.

Each situation is unique, and determining whether to consult a lawyer after a minor car accident depends on these specific circumstances.

Should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident? Benefits of working with a lawyer.

The most important rule in such a situation: if you are stressed and unsure how to proceed, always hire a lawyer who will advocate for your interests.

Even a minor incident on the roads can affect your psychological well-being. In stressful situations, especially when you’re alone and need support, entrust your case to someone who is directly interested in ensuring you do not suffer losses.

Every lawyer is motivated to ensure their client receives maximum compensation for damages. A true professional will find ways to secure it for you, even in situations where you might not have considered it.

Here are a few examples of the benefits of working with a lawyer:

  • Only with a lawyer can you determine the optimal compensation for emotional distress that has legal grounds. For instance, in some minor car accidents, such compensation can range from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the case.
  • If you have never been in an accident before and are unfamiliar with how insurance companies operate, and fear that your compensation will be undervalued, involve a professional who knows which facts will be most persuasive in securing the necessary compensation.
  • If the other party in the conflict has already engaged their lawyer, you also need to hire one; otherwise, the dispute will be unevenly matched.

Therefore, if you are asking yourself, “Should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident?” Our unequivocal answer is yes, as it will justify the investment and help identify unforeseen compensation opportunities.

Нow to find lawyer for a minor car accident?

To find lawyer for a minor car accident, it’s important to consider several key nuances:

  • Look for a lawyer who has relevant experience, specializing specifically in car accidents, with a portfolio that includes successful cases related to minor car accidents.
  • Seek a specialist who is familiar with and practices the laws of the state where the accident occurred. If you have a lawyer in your home state but the accident happened elsewhere, it’s better to find a lawyer locally.

To find a lawyer who can help in any situation, use the OwchBuddy app. With the help of an AI assistant, you can create a tailored action plan specific to your case. The AI will identify the nuances of your case and recommend specialists who can be beneficial for your situation.

Additionally, OwchBuddy facilitates quick communication with lawyers and even allows for video consultations within the app. The OwchBuddy network includes numerous partners who are ready to assist you with your case.

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